Monday, May 5, 2008


I'm in the infirmary at the Joe base. I have been ever since my mind left the body of Motormaster and returned to my own. It looks like most of the others who suffered from similar situations are back to their normal lives.

Not so much for me.

My thought process is fine, but the other effects are anything but fine. I could call the effects akin to a partial stroke. I can barely walk and my sentence forming skills are a bit of a joke right now. It takes me a full minute sometimes to say the most basic thing. I'm going through test after test. The doctors haven't said anything to me - yet.

I am grateful. My son is back, and he suffered no injuries from his ordeal. I'm in extremely capable hands, medically. And Sci-Fi has been nothing short of awesome. I'm lucky to have a friend like him in my corner.

And my typing skills are improving. It only took me five minutes to bang this out.

A nurse just came in.
Brilliant - more lab work.

That's all for me right now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spike's journal - week of Feb. 24

**this blog is marked PRIVATE - it is set up for Spike to write about his personal thoughts and is hidden from public view from his IC blog **

I think I've filled up two grocery store sacks from shredding all of the junk bills we received since I left. Splinter is looking at me to take him out. I missed him when I left. The next time I go to Cybertron for an extended period of time, the Autobots WILL have to find a way to have pets go up to Cybertron. Maybe I can convince Wheeljack it's for the sake of science that I want my dog up there.

My house is dusty, the fridge is empty and now Carly and I have to go through the process of begging our employers to cut us some slack and this two-month leave of absence will never happen again. In this job market, it's hard to keep any job, and when you have employees like us who are in a position where we may have to take weeks off at a time due to our association with the 'bots...well, let's just say even the coolest of employers only have a certain degree of tolerance.

I got a call from Seymour a few days ago. He's alive. He was in Iraq for a few months. He didn't (or couldn't?) talk about his time in Iraq. I can't say I blame him. But I hope he eventually opens up. He said he has an iPod for Daniel. I really, really wish he wouldn't spoil him the way he does.

It's weird having a best friend that you can't rely on. I mean, in the abstract, I trust my life and more importantly, my family's in Seymour's hands. But at the same time, I never know if when I see him, it could be months before I see him again. A year ago, he was living in our house for a few months. Then, he up and left.

But he's been a great friend to me, and I don't make friends easy. It's easy to form friendships with beings from another planet - but for humans, I seem to keep a distance. So, when a great friend comes along, you can either set up your boundaries and if that person can't abide by them, toss them aside, or you accept that friend for all their quirks and flaws, be it spoiling my son or not returning my calls and uping and leaving at the drop of a dime.

Current listening selections -
"Something Great" - LCD Soundsystem
"Loving Cup" - Rolling Stones
"Glory Days" - Pulp

Back after a six week absense


Sorry for the briefness of this post. I will be blogging much further about the happenings since the Autobots and I left Earth in December after IMORTAL's efforts to banish the Autobots from Earth succeeded.

I sincerely hope that this will be the last time the general population turns against the Autobots, but I know this will not be the case. IMORTAL's points were justified and the Autobots needed to answer many of those points. And to ask a human who has lost a friend, a relative or a loved one to their conflict due because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time to put those feelings aside and continue to agree that having the Autobots on Earth is in their best interest is arguably one of the biggest leaps of faith a person can make.

Cybertron remains a marvel to me. However, it seemed like there were far more areas that were "off limits" than the last time I visited. The Decepticons have no doubt made some advances up on Cybertron, which makes Earth all the more important for the Autobots. On a personal note, I had a scare as my appendix nearly burst while I was up there. Fortunately, Perceptor's vast knowledge of...everything (except pop culture) saved my life.

Carly, Daniel and I are just getting readjusted to home. Needless to say, I was stunned to see the Giants defeat the Patriots (even though I was rooting for the Packers). I am elated to be back home. I will blog more about the happenings of Cybertron in future posts.

Thanks for reading - as always...
- Spike