Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spike's journal - week of Feb. 24

**this blog is marked PRIVATE - it is set up for Spike to write about his personal thoughts and is hidden from public view from his IC blog **

I think I've filled up two grocery store sacks from shredding all of the junk bills we received since I left. Splinter is looking at me to take him out. I missed him when I left. The next time I go to Cybertron for an extended period of time, the Autobots WILL have to find a way to have pets go up to Cybertron. Maybe I can convince Wheeljack it's for the sake of science that I want my dog up there.

My house is dusty, the fridge is empty and now Carly and I have to go through the process of begging our employers to cut us some slack and this two-month leave of absence will never happen again. In this job market, it's hard to keep any job, and when you have employees like us who are in a position where we may have to take weeks off at a time due to our association with the 'bots...well, let's just say even the coolest of employers only have a certain degree of tolerance.

I got a call from Seymour a few days ago. He's alive. He was in Iraq for a few months. He didn't (or couldn't?) talk about his time in Iraq. I can't say I blame him. But I hope he eventually opens up. He said he has an iPod for Daniel. I really, really wish he wouldn't spoil him the way he does.

It's weird having a best friend that you can't rely on. I mean, in the abstract, I trust my life and more importantly, my family's in Seymour's hands. But at the same time, I never know if when I see him, it could be months before I see him again. A year ago, he was living in our house for a few months. Then, he up and left.

But he's been a great friend to me, and I don't make friends easy. It's easy to form friendships with beings from another planet - but for humans, I seem to keep a distance. So, when a great friend comes along, you can either set up your boundaries and if that person can't abide by them, toss them aside, or you accept that friend for all their quirks and flaws, be it spoiling my son or not returning my calls and uping and leaving at the drop of a dime.

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